Saturday, January 17, 2009

what's up everybody~~

Not really that long ago, there was a girl who was born in the mid of April, which eventually made her a typical self-confident Aries^^ though being seen as pretty cool a girl at times, she doesn’t really care what others think… yeah, u may say that she is arrogant, but she is just who and what she is~~

On the other hand, to people who know her well, she isn’t that cool after all~~her sense of humour could bring you to the top of Mt. Everest *too cold* but at the same time kept you rolling on the floor^^her inner enthusiasm may erupt like the volcano without warning~~so beware and don’t be shocked!!! It’s just a norm for Aries babes like her…

The one thing she couldn’t resist and you can see it all over her, is TIGER!!! She just can’t help but love tigers like her own kids~~and do you want to know why??? Well, I ain’t gonna tell you~~discover it yourself!!!

Wednesday is her favourite day's MOVIE DAY!! FYI, cinema is the place where she hangs out the most. Other than that, her all time favourite shall be music!!! She enjoys listening to music as much as sleeping.

She is very nice and loyal to her friends^^ Yet the one thing she hates the most, is being awaken from her sweet dreams!!! Trust me, u won’t like her at that time, at all!!! Usually she can be the cute and sweet angel, but if anyone disrupts her date with the Goddess of Dreams, well, she can really turn into an evil devil and you can feel the extremely eerie aura even miles away!!!

After all, who’s this angelic devil/devilish angel anyway??? Just so you know, she’s none other than Jing Yin, which is…ME^^

The websites Jing Yin visited the most are as followed:

My favourite search engine. It helps me to search any information for my studies, assignments, pictures and other information.

This is where I login to check my email everyday.
An useful website where I can check on the latest and upcoming movies.

This website is where I get to contact with my friends.

A free file sharing site where a lot of music, music videos, movies and others can be found.

And, the top 5 internet activities:

1. download songs and videos

2. chatting with friends

3. check and send email

4. checking for latest movie's trailers

5. search information


Friday, January 16, 2009

LiM Ki@n Gi@P

1st of all i'm grate that i finally can start to write blog.. i hope reader can enjoy when reading our blogs and hope reader can gain some information from our blog..

I'm not a very special guy and i'm not a tall guy and of cause i'm not short.My eyes is tiny but for me it is big enough for me to see things.hahahaha.... My name is Lim Kian Giap, and most of my friends will call me"Giap or Kgiap". I'm only 23th years old. I'm one of the Year 3 Semester 1 student of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Sungai Long.

I have many many hobbies such as sport, travel, watching movie, playing online games, search net, and etc.Between all this hobbies i like travel the best. I like to travel around the world to know more about others countries cultures, religions, people and their life style.Of cause we can find out others countries culture, religions, people and life style but it will be different when u see them by your own eyes and you can feel it. It is quit fun to see others people culture. Different country have theie different style of gesture. sometime will make some misunderstanding.So most of the time I'll search some information about the country which i want to trave to. And i always tell myself i'm a lucky man I can travel to so many places to gain some knowledge that we can gain from books. It is fun..

The top five website that i always search are

- know more people, built a strong network

- increasing the relationship between relative, friends and family, to keep in touch with each others.
- updating myself with the latest news that happen around the world.
- updating myself with the latest business news.
- exchange idea
- find new things
-trade things with cheap price

Top five internet activities:
1. chatting with friends by using instant messenger software
2. check mails
3. download songs, dramas, video clips, movies....
4. check latest football result..
5. play online games


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am who I am.

Yes, here is our blog, first time using a blog to do tutorial, got some weird feelings(XD), usually i use blog to spread out my happy and unhappy things but not for a study purpose, but this may be a good experience for me.

Let me introduce myself first, I am Kok Cheng, usually they call me Cheng, a skinny boy with a average height and most of the time very talkative in class except when I am sleepy(haha), but sometimes maybe a cool and speechless guy that you will not expected. That what I am, a double character hiding deep inside of me with a same face(sound like very scary= =). I think I have a lot of hobbies but recently the most obvious is gaming, because I enjoyed the feel when I win,it also a way to release my stress. I also interested in investment and basketball(long time ago= =). I love to playing around in class but the sad things is, boy is an endangered species in our class(only six of us).

Live life to fullfill without regret, I'm enjoying my UTAR life because what I realize is I cant get so much freedom when come to work. So you may also enjoy your life without regret, smile always.
Have a nice day.^^

The top 5 websites I visit the most

To communicate with my friends and playing some online game with my friends.
For me to view my friends picture that stay far away from me and keep in touch with them.
Is a online comic websites, obviously for me to read comic.:)
For me to update my knowledge and information that happen around me.
Forward mail and check mail. Some mails are funny.XD

5 activities I always do
1 Check mail and send mail
2 Read online comic
3 Read newspaper
4 Play online game
5 Chatting with friends

Ann ^_^

About me
Hi, my name is Ann. Well, this is the first time I have my own blog with my 3 team members, feel so excited and curious with it and trying to familiar with it since i am beginner. My team members are very good team player, they are discipline and hardworking. i like to work and share the ideas with them.

About myself, actually I also not that understand myself, maybe my friends know more about me more than I do. Ha-ha.

But talk about my hobbies, yeah, I can tell u that I love to traveling especially go to sea side, I like to view and feel the ocean the natural view. That’s why our blog name called “blue_sky”. For me that is a very nice and comfortable name. Other that that, I also love to do sports such as swimming, basketball, dancing, and badminton. Those are the kind of healthy and enjoyable activities :)

Except outdoor activities, the indoor activities of course is online at home let my fingers can properly "exercise". I like to online surfing collect the information and know more about the worlds. Through that i only can stands outside of my current “life circle” and connecting to the outside.

If you sick to know more about me, u can click on the link "Chin Pooi Ann". which provided more about my personal detailed information.

Besides that, the top 5 web site that i visited the most are as at below:
my favourite e-mail account, because its storage space is big!
this is a very good search engine for me, it always the first choice for me use it to find information because it is easy to use and fast.
this is the website that i love most currently because it have alot of lovely mini game, other than that can keep in touch with my old friends and meet alotz of new friends around of the world.

this is the way to get the latest news of UTAR, and view the information which posted by lecturer or tutor. .
i can enjoy shopping on ebay because the there are variety of product which are cheaper normally, and i can do it at anywhere and anytime with borderless.

And, the top 5 internet activities are :

1. Check and Send Email
2. Search information
3. MSN, chit chat with friends and do online discussion on my assignment
4. Play online game
5. Watch drama

Thanks for spending your time to view our blog and hope u enjoy it! ^_^