Sunday, February 22, 2009

A review on a post on Legal from My E-Commerce blog.

I have review on the site that blog by our lecture, about "UK to get tough with illegal downloader" , I think is a good thing to protect some of the industry for losses. If the government do not cut off , more and more kind of industry will facing a big problem in the future. Not just effect the industry growth , it also will effect the whole country economic.

I think that legal is a most popular issue to talk about over the internet. Currently more and more illegal material such as mp3, rmvb movie, games and other stuffs. Many industries such as entertainment industry they have spend so much money to get rid of the illegal material in over the internet. For example , currently company like SONY had just come out new playstation portable “PSP” version 3000 where it cannot play illegal games. This is because the previous version “PSP 2000” can play illegal game crack by the hacker. This make the company have spend a lot of money in the research and technician side.

I hope that for Malaysian government will do something about the legal or illegal thing. Or maybe can come out a law to protect our industry.

Review a local e-commerce site

I have review a local e-commerce cite It was a malaysia very own e-commerce site. When I click in the site on the first time, I realize that many advertisment and link on the webpage, I wondering how many income generate from those link and advertisment.(= =)
Other than that, I saw many auction items on the web page and sort by category. Sort by buying, selling, superbid, pay, safetrade and other. After this, I try to register as a member of this site. It is free for register as a registered member, you need to give your email address and password and your full name for the first step, the second step need some further information like handphone number , home address and identity card number. To complete the registration, you have to verify your email address and handphone number. For furhter member registration you have to verify your identity card but I did not do so because for further membership have to paid subscription fee.
However, verify member can use a feature payment system of lelong called safetrade,this may be one of the method the site use to build consumer trust. I have check the system about how it's work. Is something like this, when a buyer and a seller agree the term of trade, the buyer give money to lelong account, and lelong admin will inform seller to ship good . After ship good, payment will give to the seller. Lelong act as an intermediate person, for sure this will increase the security of the site.
Other than that, I also check about the charges on posting, there are several types of posting, normal posting is free while rest of it is charge for certain portion. I think this local e-commerce site have a quite sucessful site in Malaysia. I am glad that our country have such a great e-commerce site.

For more information you can log on to

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Corporate Blogging: A new marketing Communication tool for companies.

I think is a good communication tool to use by a corporate. Blogs are flexible enough to allow a conversation, a exchange of ideas, the revelation of the parties true insights and resources without corporate filtering. That, and only that, encourages and develops a relationship based on trust.It has given the corporate a much better two-way conversation with the consumers than we had have without it.
The blog give the corporate can direct communicate with the consumer wherever there are.

Corporate blog can be:
· Tool that helps the organization fulfill a business goal – the organization can show whatever product to attract more consumer.
· Customization: to customize your blog it’s as easy as uploading a template in some cases. The blogger allows you to change almost the whole template with the exception of keeping the same look. If you know HTML, there is a lot you can do with the customization process. Some more can show the type of product.
· Feed Reader: By having a RSS feed, a lot more people can access your website. They can set-up your website in their FeedDemon account, which people will receive automatic updates on your blog. They can even comment on your posts!

Risks for Corporate Blogs:

· Legal Liabilities. Aside from lawsuits, there is the law itself. Corporations must make sure a blog complies with all applicable local, national and foreign requirements for doing business. Its author must also consider things like consumer protection laws, truth in advertising provisions, and intellectual property laws (such as plagiarism).
· Negative Comments. Companies are often very sensitive to criticism, especially if it appears in a format that is sanctioned by them. Negative comments can be offset somewhat with a consistent and clear comment.

AS a conclusion, I think that having a corporate blogging can bring the organization more benefit in future.

Friday, February 20, 2009

E-Auction: Thing to Take Note to Prevent E-Auction Fraud

Steps to prevent fraud in e-auction includes:

- Try to understand as much as possible about how an online auction works, what are the
obligations and what are seller's obligations before placing a bid.

- Become familiar with the auction website by looking into the websites protection policies.
You should never assume that you are protected from any auction fraud.

- Beside familiar with the website, you should also learn as much as you can about the seller.
Checking the seller's feedback at the auction site could be a good way. Avoid doing business
with the sellers if you cannot find out anything about them.

- Do not use an escrow service that you have never heard of if you cannot confirm the
legitimacy. If the seller wants you to use an escrow service that you have never heard of,
look into it. Check out the website or call up customer support.

- Use an online escrow service that will hold the payment until you can inspect the
merchandise. Auction sites such as Yahoo, eBay maintain lists of these services.

- Do not give out your personal data such as identity number, drivers license number, credit
card number, or bank
account information until you have thoroughly checked out the seller
and the escrow

- Always use a credit card for payment. Credit card payment protects the buyer because you
can dispute the charges of the goods are misrepresented or never delivered. If you suspect
fraud, cancel the card immediately.

- Keep a habit to save 100% of the transaction information.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobile payment systems in Malaysia: Its potentials and consumers’ adoption strategies.


Malaysians can now enjoy a secure and convenient way to conduct mobile commerce using a GSM cellular phone. Electronic money, the country's first mobile payment service via multi-channel access for Internet. In Malaysia, mobile payment is recently services developing fast. This service is effective providing customers with admission or money off vouchers which can be unique coded or designed to allow viral spread. The mobile channel can be effectively used as a self-funding and revenue generating medium. This service covers all mobile operators on Malaysia; it’s for prepaid and postpaid service billings. mobile payments available in Malaysia are mobileExec and Mobile Money. Besides MobileExec and Mobile Money, many other companies are also coming up with this concept to cater for their customer’s convenience. For example, Maxis; U mobile, Digi and CELCOM.

Potential of Mobile Payment System

Mobile payment system indeed have a great potential and advantages.

· The wide use of mobile phone made mobile payment much easier to be adopted.
· Consumers are more comfortable with low-value transaction over such non-traditional.

Consumer adoption stractegic.
In Malaysia, most of company will:

Reward the consumers by giving gift at certain level of purchasing or giving redemption of reward.
Certain service or good purchase will accumulated the points to redeem other extra bonus.
Provide information and education for consumers about the mobile payment system, help them build confident among consumers by enhancing its system security.
Collaborate with more banks and companies to widen the ability to pay via mobile.

There are 6 main services in this mobile application- Mobile Payments, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Videos, Mobile Downloads, Mobile News and Mobile Games.

Electronic Currency

First of all Electronic currency is also known as electronic money, it is a website that turn the money into electronically. Technically electronic or digital money is a representation is used to exchange value, within another system, or itself as a standalone in online or offline system. Also sometimes the term electronic money is used to refer to the provider itself.

Electronic currency also allows its holder to buy the goods and services that the vastness of the internet offers. An e-currency system may be fully backed by gold (like e-gold and c-gold), non-gold backed, or both gold and non-gold baked (like e-Bullion and Liberty Reserve).

The main focuses of electronic currency is to development that are being able to use it through a wider range of hardware such as secured credit cards and linked bank accounts that would generally be used over an internet means, for exchange with a secure micropayment system such as in large corporations for example like paypal, it is the most successful e-currency website that give 100% trust to consumer shop in internet.

This electronic currency can bring many negative issue such as doing the money laundering where the illegal money transform into legal money. Next it also there are also a potential macroeconomic effect such as exchange rate in a not stable ways and shortage of money supplies.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Application of Pre-paid Cash Card

Prepaid payment cards are recent phenomenon. How many of us have used a prepaid gift card or a prepaid mobile phone card? A prepaid card looks like a credit or debit card and gives users the ability to purchase products and services with a card. However, there is a crucial difference which is users can only spend the balance that has been preloaded onto the card. Money can be loaded on to a prepaid card by cash at a bank, post office, bank transfer or even by another credit card. There would be no risk of running into debt as it has no credit or overdraft facility.

A prepaid card is appealing to those who has a poor credit rating or a history of bad debt who cannot get a credit card. People, who although earning but cannot obtain credit due to having no credit footprint, also can apply a prepaid card. Parents can use it to The uses of a prepaid card includes:

  1. Buying groceries and petrol
  2. Internet shopping including eBay
  3. Withdraw cash from an ATM
  4. Paying bills
  5. Topping up your mobile phone
  6. Transferring money to friends and family either in the UK or overseas
  7. As a replacement for travellers cheques ot travel cash

Visa prepaid cards such as Visa Gift Card, Visa Buxx, Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card provide easy, convenient and secure ways for users to pay anytime at anywhere. It helps to manage your finance as you can spend only what you load on the card. It is also very convenient for travellers and no need to carry large amount of cash with them because they can use the Visa prepaid card at any of the merchants that accept Visa worldwide Visa Buxx is a useful tool for parent to monitor their teen's spending. It offers teens spending independence and to learn to take financial responsibility.

Touch 'n Go(TnG) smart card is used by Malaysian for electronic payment system at all highways in Malaysia, major public transports in Klang Valley, selected parking sites and theme park. It is expanding its business to retail purchase by starting with fast food industry that enables consumers to buy dough nut, burger or fast-food from 21 outlets such as Burger King, 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donut.

Credit Card debts: Causes and Prevention

Nowadays it seems that credit cards are almost a necessity, rather than a luxury, which has caused many people to have a huge problem with credit card debt. Many people now have more than one credit card with a balance and you may even be one of those people. A credit card is exactly what the name implies. It is a card which you are able to use by borrowing on credit. You are borrowing money from the issuer every time you use it. Each time you use your credit card, you are increasing your debt.

1. Poor money management

A monthly spending plan is a useful tool for everyone. Without one, you have no idea where your money is going. You may be spending unnecessarily and end up having to charge purchases on which you should have spend that money. This will lead to a rise in your debt.

2. Underemployment

People who are experiencing under employment may continue to think of it as only temporary or if they are coming off unemployment feel a false sense of relief. They may start to spend on their credit card again. This will eventually increase their card debt.

3. Saving too little or not at all

If you have been preparing for unexpected expenditures by saving three to six months of living expenses, you will not have increased your debt caused by a job layoff, illness or divorce.

4. No money communication skills

Communicating with your spouse or significant other and your children about finances helps to reduce card debt. Many people find out that their spouse have racked up thousands dollars in credit card debt and they had no idea that the accounts even existed!

5. Financial illiteracy

Many people do not have an understanding how money works and grows, how to save and invest for a rainy day. Schools don't teach it, your parents may not have explained it. But, you are responsible for your life and your money anyway.

It’s time for you to think of a solution to avoid from credit card debts and be responsible to your life and money ^^

1. Setting a budget

Set up a budget and stick to it. You should be realistic about your expenses and your financial needs. You wouldn’t realize how a detailed monthly plan really helps to ease your financial situation.

2. Contacting and dealing with creditors

You may want to contact your credit card company and try to work out a payment plan. They would rater lower your interest or write it off altogether than not get any money from you at all.

3. Self control and discipline

If your spending habits are not controlled, this will cause debt to increase even faster. What started off as a small balance will rapidly becomes a large amount that can seem impossible to pay off. Hence, it is essential that you have self control over your spending.

One should have self-awareness of the causes of credit card debts and spend wisely ^^

Monday, February 9, 2009

The application of thrid party certification program in Malaysia

Choosing this title give me a hard time to understand the certificate (phew). Finally, I have some understand on what is third party certification program. First, let me explain what is certificate. Certificate always refer to digital identity certificate or public key certificate. Let me tell you how this things work, certificate mostly is refer to 2 keys, public and private key. What those key for? Let me give you an example to make it more clear, when we send a secure message to somebody, we need a key to encrypt the information the key in this area is called a public key, and we need a private key to decrypt this data. However, the other user on the net maybe will develop a similar key that will be a threat of security. Therefore, we need a third party, certification authorization (CA), to secure their information.

How CA do that? CA will keep the public key of the parties who trust him and make a higher level encryption, when a party want to send a message to another party, CA will match the public key to allow the 2 parties having the right encryption that can be decrypt by their own private key.

Sound like very hard to understand right? I also use a lot of times to understand it (= =). The application of third party certification program in Malaysia is Digicert. Digicert is a government create trust agent that help to secure the online users in Malaysia.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Threat of Online Security: How safe is our Data?

Nowadays, using internet is very convenient but do you know that surfing the internet does a harmful to our personal computer and personal data too. A online security risk is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability. Some breaches to computer security are accidentally. Others are planned intrusions. Some intruders do no damage, they just access data, information, or programs on the computer.

There are some threats of online security.
1.Computer viruses: A computer virus is a potentially damaging computer program that affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the user’s knowledge or permission.

2.Trojan Horse: This is program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program. A certain condition or action usually triggers the Trojan horse. Unlike the virus, Trojan horse does not replicate itself to other computer.

3.Unauthorized access and use: unauthorized access is the use of computer or network without permission. It includes a variety of activities, for example an employee tracks down the employee e-mail messages, or gaining access to a bank website to perform an unauthorized transfer.

4.Software Theft: this is another threat to security, software theft occurs when someone steals software media or program. And then they will so some software piracy or illegal copy to market.

Here are some safeguards
1. Firewalls: a firewall is hardware or software that protects a network’s resources from intrusion by users on another network such as the internet. All networked and online computer users should implement a firewall solution.

2. User name and password: is a unique combination of characters that identifies one specific user. It allows access to certain computer resources.

3. Encryption: this is the process of converting readable data info unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access.

4. antivirus software: this is the software that can scan through out the computer and delete all kind of viruses.

Business and home users must protect, or safeguard, their computer from breaches of online security risk.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to safeguard our Personal and Financial data

Nowadays, the internet is a public network of nearly 60,000 networks connecting with millions of computers throughout the world. While we need to register as a member in a particular electronic commerce website where you buy or sell thing. We need to give the personal and financial date to the particular website. The detail you need to give for example name, date of birth, gender, house address, hand phone number, e-mail address, occupation and interests, personal financial information such as credit card number, and other information. Therefore, it is important that users take measure to protect their data from loss, damage and misuse.

Here are some simple safeguard

1. Use a username and password wisely: While you want to choose something you will remember, you don't want it to be something that a clever thief could figure out just by learning your birth date or IC number. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols will offer you more security.

2. Use a credit card with a small limit: for mail-order and online purchases. It's all too easy for a dishonest sales clerk to use your credit card information. If the card you use for these purchases has a low credit limit, at least thieves won't be able to rack up many bills before hitting a wall.

3. Review your monthly statements: always always check the credit card statement and make sure that the transaction is use my you and not other.

4. Delete cookies: when ever after you use the computer, you must always delete the cookie, these cookie can track down the username and password.

5. Install antispyware and antivirus software: Symantec, Norton and Avg antivirus are popular software use by computer users. Its clean computer and protect personal information, financial data and etc.

Finally, I hope that all the website user or the staff of the website should have some ethic and morale value.


Hi, it's blogging time again ^^ Are you familiar with the word "Phishing"?? It's not "Fishing", an activity that you sit by the river bank and wait for the fishes to eat your bait. But, it has a similar meaning. It is a technique used to steal your valuable personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data. using fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from legitimate businesses.

Phishing is the biggest and might be the most common threats that an online might have experienced nowadays. Phishing can in form of electronically, commonly through e-mail or instant message, or through voice phone calls, text messages, and other electronic communication methods. Here are some samples of phishing e-mail.

These mails are sent to targeted users under well known or trusted websites such as PayPal, eBay and banks. Some e-mails' contain information that threatening the users that their account would be suspended or terminated if they do not re-enter their information. Some users might started to worry and followed the instructions to re-enter their information. Once users responded to the those e-mails, users' sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank account data, passwords will be stolen. Users may not only just leak out their personal information but also suffered from financial losses.

As there are lots of phishing e-mails on the internet, preventions should be taken by the internet users to keep track from the scam. Online users should be smart and be suspicious of any e-mail with urgent requests for personal financial information. We should not use the links in an e-mail or instant message if they suspect the message is a phishing scam. Instead of using the link provided if we suspect that the message if we do not know the sender or user, we might log on to the company's website by typing in the web address directly in our browser or directly call up. We should also avoid to fill out forms in e-mail that ask for personal financial information. Regularly check on the bank, credit and debit card statements to make sure there is no suspicious or unrecognized transaction is carried out.

Education may play a role in preventing ourselves to fall into those phishing scams. If we are educated with the knowledge to detect a phishing mail or website and how to securely access website, a lot of phishing attacks will not succeed. There are lots of information online which teach users how to identify phishing mail and site. A lot of companies and anti-phishing organizations also provide security tips and advises on preventing phishing scams. The most common way to prevent a phishing attack is via phishing software.

There are many products in the market and many of them come in or are included in anti virus and anti spam software. The program will filters our incoming emails, searching for any content within the message or in URLs that may be phishing related or carry phishing software.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Identify and compare the revenue model for Google, and eBay

After I review the websites of Google,, and eBay, I finally can differentiate the revenue models of this 3 “companies”. It is not easy to identify the revenue models if you never study e-commerce.
First, let me talk about the most familiar websites to us, Google. Actually when my first time using Google, I also wondering how Google earn money and now I know the secret(hehe). The revenue model of Google is based on advertising, nearly 80% of Google revenues are come from advertising fees. Until now maybe you still not very clear about how Google earn.OK, let me explain on it. Every times you search whatever by using Google, you will realize that some advertising box will appear at the side of your pages and for sure you will get many links relate to your search, once you click on those links or boxes, Google will earn money from their advertiser, that how it works.
I am sure you all hear about but how many of you got visit this website and really get use on it, I think not many. Wondering why this websites so successful and earning money? Based on the evidence from this websites, I find out the revenue model of is based on its affiliate fees. provides a platform for “home consumer” to choose their preferred products on that produce by other producers. This will be good news for those consumers far away from town and doesn’t like travel. However, to have a competitive advantage on this kind of e-business, must have many types of products to satisfy those customers from whole world.
Lastly, come to the websites that appear in “Transformer”, eBay. What is the different between eBay and The mainly different is eBay is platforms for consumer trade with consumer, unlike eBay just provide a platform let consumer bids consumer products. What did eBay earn? eBay revenue model is based on the transaction make by the consumer. In other word, eBay earning the transaction fees on the transaction makes.
I am surprise how amazing of e-commerce to earn money on such a creative way, I may be a next Google(XD). Please visit my ads---->.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

An E-commerce failure and causes

The emergence of Internet has created a tremendous opportunities for a large number of people and businesses. There are many businesses taking advantage of the opportunities to create business activities which are profitable and successful. However, there are still majority of them have skidded to a halt such as, Red Rocket and etc., an interactive website that provides thousands of toys, children's products, learning tools and resources to parents and educators, believes that learning is an interactive process. Toysmart celebrates the joys of childhood, parenting nad learning through play. Walt Disney Co. had invested $20 million in Toysmart in year 1999. In year 2000, Toysmart chief executive David Lord confirmed the online toy company is ceasing operations.

According to Heather Dougherty, an analyst with e-commerce research firm, failed to build a unique brand that would keep parents coming back among the competition from other online toy retailers such as and Unlike which is using customization, Toysmart failed to bring something unique, such as customized shopping. Besides that, Toysmart suffered from increased competition and a slumping market. Toysmart was under the pressure from giants, etoys and, which have wider toy selections.

The HisToRy & EvoLuTion of E-commerce

For the last 30 years, electronic commerce is use to buying product or services in the internet. Businesses were using primitive computer networks to conduct electronic transactions . Using something called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). But in 1979, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) came up with something called ASC X12, a universal standard for sharing business documents over electronic networks.

By the early 1980s, individual computer users, still mostly at major research universities, were sending e-mails, participating in newsgroups, and sharing documents over networks.
Perhaps it is introduced from the Telephone Exchange Office, or maybe not. The earliest example of many-to-many electronic commerce in physical goods was the Boston Computer exchange, a marketplace for used computers launched in 1982.

CompuServe was one of the first popular networking services for home PC users, providing tools like e-mail, message boards and chat rooms. In the mid of 1980s, Computer serve added a service called the Electronic Mall. While, the Electronic Mall was not a huge success, it was one of the first examples of e-commerce as we know it today.

In 1990, a researcher named Tim Berners-Lee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research proposed a hypertext-based web of information that a user could navigate using a simple interface called a browser. He called it the "WorldWideWeb” and in 1991, the National Science Foundation lifted a ban on commercial businesses operating over the Internet, paving the way for Web-based e-commerce.

In 1993, Marc Andreesen at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) introduced the first widely distributed Web browser called Mosaic. Netscape 1.0's release in 1994, when Netscape arrived, it providing users a simple browser to surf the Internet and a safe online transaction technology called Secure Sockets Layer.

In 1994 and 1995, the first third-party services for processing online credit card sales began to appear. First Virtual and CyberCash were two of the most popular. Also in 1995, a company called Verisign began developing digital IDs, or certificates, that verified the identity of online businesses. Soon, Verisign switched its focus to certifying that a Web site's e-commerce servers were properly encrypted and secure.


The Evolution of E-Commercealthough it may seem like it sometimes, the realm of e-commerce did not actually spring up overnight. Many of the things that we now take for granted, conveniences such as shopping carts and one-click ordering, and readily accessible services such as PayPal it evolved a lot through trial and error. In just a little over a decade, online shopping has changed the concept of commerce, for the owners of online stores as well as for the customers.

E-Commerce success and its causes

An Example of an E-Commerce success

E-Bay is one of the example of an E-Commerce success. E-bay is a well known online auction site around the world and it was founded in Pierrer Omidyar’s San Jose living room back in September 1995 which has around 14 years of history. It was from the start meant to be a marketplace for the sale of goods and services for individuals.

E-bay attracts hundreds of millions of people everyday to explore new opportunities and innovates together. It uses internet to provide better global commerce, payments and communications.

E-Bay has built an online person-to-person trading community on Internet, using the World Wide Web. Buyers and sellers are brought together in a manner where sellers are permitted to list items for sale and the buyers are allowed to bid on the items which they are interested on. All eBay users can browse through listed items in a fully automated way. The items are arranged by topics, where each type of auction has its own category. They are having both streamlined and globalised traditional person-to-person trading. Their facilities are easy for the buyers to explore and enable the sellers list an item for sale immediately within minutes of registering. The binding contract of the auction is between the winning bidder and the seller only.

Why E-bay so success?

According to the interview with the spokesperson of eBay, Kevin Pursglove, he believes that people really enjoy the experience of the shopping bazaar. He also thinks that the buyers are enjoying the hunt and the competition of the bidding process. Everybody likes to get a bargain and they would like to negotiate a little bit over the price. Their auction format allows users to do so.

Besides that, customers benefit from its website with simple design and navigation which easier for them to get the information, and it always flexible for anyone do their transaction at anytime and anywhere. Other than that, it also provide online security such implementing privacy protection systems to reduce the risk of explore of privacy of personal detailed information.

The great majority of people who are selling on eBay are really warm, decent, trustworthy and honest people. Therefore, a lot of people would like to do transactions at eBay. Other than that, eBay might be the first example where a commerce site has actually been built around a society where people exchanging information and also goods, services and merchandise.