Saturday, February 14, 2009

Application of Pre-paid Cash Card

Prepaid payment cards are recent phenomenon. How many of us have used a prepaid gift card or a prepaid mobile phone card? A prepaid card looks like a credit or debit card and gives users the ability to purchase products and services with a card. However, there is a crucial difference which is users can only spend the balance that has been preloaded onto the card. Money can be loaded on to a prepaid card by cash at a bank, post office, bank transfer or even by another credit card. There would be no risk of running into debt as it has no credit or overdraft facility.

A prepaid card is appealing to those who has a poor credit rating or a history of bad debt who cannot get a credit card. People, who although earning but cannot obtain credit due to having no credit footprint, also can apply a prepaid card. Parents can use it to The uses of a prepaid card includes:

  1. Buying groceries and petrol
  2. Internet shopping including eBay
  3. Withdraw cash from an ATM
  4. Paying bills
  5. Topping up your mobile phone
  6. Transferring money to friends and family either in the UK or overseas
  7. As a replacement for travellers cheques ot travel cash

Visa prepaid cards such as Visa Gift Card, Visa Buxx, Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card provide easy, convenient and secure ways for users to pay anytime at anywhere. It helps to manage your finance as you can spend only what you load on the card. It is also very convenient for travellers and no need to carry large amount of cash with them because they can use the Visa prepaid card at any of the merchants that accept Visa worldwide Visa Buxx is a useful tool for parent to monitor their teen's spending. It offers teens spending independence and to learn to take financial responsibility.

Touch 'n Go(TnG) smart card is used by Malaysian for electronic payment system at all highways in Malaysia, major public transports in Klang Valley, selected parking sites and theme park. It is expanding its business to retail purchase by starting with fast food industry that enables consumers to buy dough nut, burger or fast-food from 21 outlets such as Burger King, 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donut.

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  1. the pre paid card is so convinient to use...
    no need to Q up, and can use in every shop , in the internet also can use it...