Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review a local e-commerce site

I have review a local e-commerce cite It was a malaysia very own e-commerce site. When I click in the site on the first time, I realize that many advertisment and link on the webpage, I wondering how many income generate from those link and advertisment.(= =)
Other than that, I saw many auction items on the web page and sort by category. Sort by buying, selling, superbid, pay, safetrade and other. After this, I try to register as a member of this site. It is free for register as a registered member, you need to give your email address and password and your full name for the first step, the second step need some further information like handphone number , home address and identity card number. To complete the registration, you have to verify your email address and handphone number. For furhter member registration you have to verify your identity card but I did not do so because for further membership have to paid subscription fee.
However, verify member can use a feature payment system of lelong called safetrade,this may be one of the method the site use to build consumer trust. I have check the system about how it's work. Is something like this, when a buyer and a seller agree the term of trade, the buyer give money to lelong account, and lelong admin will inform seller to ship good . After ship good, payment will give to the seller. Lelong act as an intermediate person, for sure this will increase the security of the site.
Other than that, I also check about the charges on posting, there are several types of posting, normal posting is free while rest of it is charge for certain portion. I think this local e-commerce site have a quite sucessful site in Malaysia. I am glad that our country have such a great e-commerce site.

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