Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to safeguard our Personal and Financial data

Nowadays, the internet is a public network of nearly 60,000 networks connecting with millions of computers throughout the world. While we need to register as a member in a particular electronic commerce website where you buy or sell thing. We need to give the personal and financial date to the particular website. The detail you need to give for example name, date of birth, gender, house address, hand phone number, e-mail address, occupation and interests, personal financial information such as credit card number, and other information. Therefore, it is important that users take measure to protect their data from loss, damage and misuse.

Here are some simple safeguard

1. Use a username and password wisely: While you want to choose something you will remember, you don't want it to be something that a clever thief could figure out just by learning your birth date or IC number. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols will offer you more security.

2. Use a credit card with a small limit: for mail-order and online purchases. It's all too easy for a dishonest sales clerk to use your credit card information. If the card you use for these purchases has a low credit limit, at least thieves won't be able to rack up many bills before hitting a wall.

3. Review your monthly statements: always always check the credit card statement and make sure that the transaction is use my you and not other.

4. Delete cookies: when ever after you use the computer, you must always delete the cookie, these cookie can track down the username and password.

5. Install antispyware and antivirus software: Symantec, Norton and Avg antivirus are popular software use by computer users. Its clean computer and protect personal information, financial data and etc.

Finally, I hope that all the website user or the staff of the website should have some ethic and morale value.

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