Monday, February 9, 2009

The application of thrid party certification program in Malaysia

Choosing this title give me a hard time to understand the certificate (phew). Finally, I have some understand on what is third party certification program. First, let me explain what is certificate. Certificate always refer to digital identity certificate or public key certificate. Let me tell you how this things work, certificate mostly is refer to 2 keys, public and private key. What those key for? Let me give you an example to make it more clear, when we send a secure message to somebody, we need a key to encrypt the information the key in this area is called a public key, and we need a private key to decrypt this data. However, the other user on the net maybe will develop a similar key that will be a threat of security. Therefore, we need a third party, certification authorization (CA), to secure their information.

How CA do that? CA will keep the public key of the parties who trust him and make a higher level encryption, when a party want to send a message to another party, CA will match the public key to allow the 2 parties having the right encryption that can be decrypt by their own private key.

Sound like very hard to understand right? I also use a lot of times to understand it (= =). The application of third party certification program in Malaysia is Digicert. Digicert is a government create trust agent that help to secure the online users in Malaysia.

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