Sunday, February 22, 2009

A review on a post on Legal from My E-Commerce blog.

I have review on the site that blog by our lecture, about "UK to get tough with illegal downloader" , I think is a good thing to protect some of the industry for losses. If the government do not cut off , more and more kind of industry will facing a big problem in the future. Not just effect the industry growth , it also will effect the whole country economic.

I think that legal is a most popular issue to talk about over the internet. Currently more and more illegal material such as mp3, rmvb movie, games and other stuffs. Many industries such as entertainment industry they have spend so much money to get rid of the illegal material in over the internet. For example , currently company like SONY had just come out new playstation portable “PSP” version 3000 where it cannot play illegal games. This is because the previous version “PSP 2000” can play illegal game crack by the hacker. This make the company have spend a lot of money in the research and technician side.

I hope that for Malaysian government will do something about the legal or illegal thing. Or maybe can come out a law to protect our industry.

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